How is Vaping Actually Done?



Smoking a cigarette is simple.  A chopped-up leaf infused with poison and rolled in paper is lit on fire– presto! You have smoke that smells like smoldering tumors, and fills you with the sensation of the laughs of a million old white rich guys.

Vaping is quite different.  It still boils down to simple components, but is a little more involved.  To get big sweet clouds, what is required is a battery with an “on” button, a tank, a coil (or atomizer), and delicious liquid  that vaporizes at hot temperatures.  The coil screws into the tank like a lightbulb in a flashlight, the tank attaches to the battery-with-on-button (or firing mechanism), and the flavored liquid is dripped into the tank as it surrounds the coil.  Press the button, and the electricity from the battery fires up the coil, making it hot.  This boils the liquid which is made up of substances that turn to steam at hot temperatures.  Voilà! Vaping is now in progress.

There is a lot more that goes into it, but that may get your imagination working on how these things work.  Below is a video JP made to add some images to the above description.

Stay tuned for more, and come by our store if you are in the area to try out some of our vaping ware and hundreds of  juices made in an FDA-approved lab.


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