Sweet Cherry


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Sweet Cherry E-Juice

Sweet Cherry is an excellent fruit flavor that brings a much needed mellowness to the potent cherry flavor. Sweet; but NOT that cough-syrup taste you’ve come to expect with other cherry’s in the vape world. An excellent stand-alone flavor that’s also a great compliment to custards and other fruits. Delicious, Sweet, and the perfect take on fruit.

Vapor Haus E-Liquid is Made in an FDA Registered Facility & MAX VG

All Our E-Juices are  Manufactured in an FDA  Approved Facility & Made in the USA .  All the compounds are sourced in the USA!  All our E-Liquids are Laboratory Tested for Purity, Safety and Quality.  No Diacetyl Flavoring (popcorn lung) is used in any of our e-juices.

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Weight 1.6 oz