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“We take such pride in our Pomegranate e-juice.  When I have customers come into the store and want to try something fruity, I give them this particular flavor.  And about 90% of the time the customer buys it.  A delightful flavor with a terrific taste and a wonderful aroma from juice to cloud.  All around pleasure of a vape!”-V.H.

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Pomegranate E-Juice Max VG

This is our neighborhood’s favorite e-juice for a good reason! The pomegranate e-cig juice blends together the taste of cranberries, grapes, and apples. It’s a flavorful vape, perfect for anyone who enjoys fruit flavors. Fruit lovers will also enjoy that our pomegranate-flavored vape juice is Max Vegetable Glycerin. Our Master Chemist have taken the time to perfect the taste, vape, and throat hit by using the best ingredients and proper mixing techniques. If you have been looking for a fresh, clean e-juice, the Vapor Haus selection won’t disappoint. Pomegranate-flavored e-juice is available with or without nicotine. We understand that there are many different customers who enjoy vaping, both with and without nicotine. That’s why we’ve created an entire lineup of the best e-juice in pomegranate at various nicotine levels.

Vapor Haus E-Liquid is Made in an FDA Registered Facility and is MAX VG

All Our E-Juices are  Manufactured in an FDA  Approved Facility & Made in the USA .  All Compounds are sourced in the USA!  All our E-Liquids are Laboratory Tested for Purity, Safety and Quality.  No Diacetyl Flavoring (popcorn lung) is used in any of our e-juices.

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