Pipe Dream


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PiPe Dream E-Liquid

This is our original e-juice! The vanilla bean e-cig juice produces a rich flavor of vanilla bean with a hint of cherry and a dash of corncob pipe. If you enjoy the vanilla tobacco flavor and feel on the tip of your tongue, then you’ve got to try this e-juice.

All of our hand crafted, custom-made e-juices are 100% vegetable glycerin. Don’t worry, not only will you get an amazing vape from this all-natural vanilla bean flavored e-juice, you’ll also get a great throat hit.

Vanilla Bean Flavored E-Juice Like Never Before

If you’ve never tried a high-quality vanilla bean VG E juice, you’re in for a real treat. We take our e-juices seriously at Vapor Haus. Each one is created in a lab setting to ensure that everything is sterile and the conditions are just right. Only the best ingredients and equipment are used in the process, which makes a difference in the taste and vape production.

The vanilla bean flavored vape juice, and all of our other juices, are always properly stored. This ensures that the flavor and nicotine strength aren’t degraded. By taking the additional steps to store our juices at the proper temperature out of the light, our customers get the freshest, best tasting e-juices on the market.

Taste how fresh the best e-juice in vanilla bean flavor is by ordering today! Max VG !

Vapor Haus E-Liquid is Made in an FDA Registered Facility & MAX VG

All Our E-Juices are  Manufactured in an FDA  Approved Facility & Made in the USA .  All the compounds are sourced in the USA!  All our E-Liquids are Laboratory Tested for Purity, Safety and Quality.  No Diacetyl Flavoring (popcorn lung) is used in any of our e-juices.

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