Double RY4



Double RY4 Tobacco E-Liquid

A true classic and staple here at Vapor Haus; Double RY4 is the well known blend of a mild tobacco, caramel, and vanilla, but with some extra flavoring to bring out everything we already know and love about RY4. This is an excellent blend of a mild tobacco with just a tad bit more flavoring that makes it pop

Vapor Haus E-Liquid is Made in an FDA Registered Facility & MAX VG

All Our E-Juices are  Manufactured in an FDA  Approved Facility & Made in the USA .  All the compounds are sourced in the USA!  All our E-Liquids are Laboratory Tested for Purity, Safety and Quality.  No Diacetyl Flavoring (popcorn lung) is used in any of our e-juices.