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 The Only USA e-juice manufacturer in a FDA registered facility that is NOT owned by big pharmaceutical







Best rated e-Juices in Des Plaines

  What makes our juices the top e-juices in the area is the fact that they are from our FDA certified lab where we use 100% safe and clean ingredients. Try them out- You can taste the purity.  


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Come hang out with us and blow off some steam...literally. If you don't have a good time getting to know us and learning about the wonderful art of vaping-- well you may not have a pulse.


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The driving force behind Vapor Haus is our utter disdain for cigarettes and big tobacco. Vaping has saved our lives and opened up new opportunities for health and just an all around better quality of life. There is little in life that is a greater joy than having people come into the shop and leaving behind rough days of cigarette stench, respiratory infections, and financial slavery to Philip Morris and co. as they enter a world of rich diverse flavors in the clean healthy medium of vapor mist. Email us today to get a free starter kit. 

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