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  Our juices are the top e-juices in the area, because our FDA-certified lab uses 100% safe, clean ingredients. Try them out - you'll taste the purity!

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617 W Golf Rd, Des Plaines, IL 60016

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At Vapor Haus we pride ourselves in having kosher food grade FDA registered E-Liquids. We make quality e-juice that meets and exceeds all other e-juice producer standards.






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The driving force behind Vapor Haus is our utter disdain for cigarettes and for the conniving, self-serving politics of big tobacco companies. Vaping has saved our lives, and it has allowed us to enjoy new, exciting flavors, while promoting better physical health and an all-around better quality of life. There are few greater joys than having people come in to the shop as smokers, and leave as vapers -- leaving behind the awful cigarette stench, respiratory infections, and financial slavery to Big Tobacco, as they enter a world of rich, diverse flavors in the clean, safe medium of vapor mist.